History and Management  of the Site
The Creation of our Local Nature Reserve

Formerly cow fields, waste ground and un-managed school fields perimeter.
1997 - 'HertsOutdoors' Conservation Management Report
1998 - Underground pipeline across site. 'HertsOutdoors' managed restoration project. Bank capped with chalk, scrape created and areas re-seeded with a commercial wild flower seed mix.
1999 Nov.- CMS joined Management Group. LNR first suggested.
2000 Jan. - Ecological Management Plan
Sept. - Proposal made to English Nature with County Council approval.
2001 - Full botanical survey. Provisional approval for LNR status in Sept.
2002 Spring - proposed change of management. English Nature stated 'consultation requirements met', declaration of LNR by English Nature and Herts County Council.
4th July 2002 - Launch of LNR.

Soldier beetle Malachius bipustulatus on Salad Burnet flower head

A number of Scrub bashing work parties have met to remove invasive vegitation.
Kissing Gates have been installed.
The Ash woodland has been thinned.
Meadow grassland has been cut, and cuttings removed.
Sheep and goats have been used to maintain flower meadows.
Plans for Information boards, interpretation materials. Bird nesting and bat boxes.

26th Feb 2006 - scrub bashing on the chalk bank    
Friends of WLNR

The 'Friends' of WLNR, including local residents, assist CMS in the upkeep of the Reserve by: Monitoring flora and fauna, Undertaking 'warden' patrols, Commenting on and implementing the management action plan, Assisting with the acquisition of grant funding, Involvement with practical work, e.g. brush cutting and scrub clearance. Maintain paths, Liasing with contractors.
What about you?
Opportunities for wholesome outdoor exercise in some of the delightful Hertfordshire countryside on your doorstep. Combined with the knowledge that your efforts are helping to conserve and enhance the natural environment. Help in the management of the reserve on one of the scrub bashing working parties organised by West Central CMS: contact number 01727-848168.

The site is a County Wildlife Site designated by the Wildlife Trust because of the rich mixture of habitat types found there. Now it is also an English Nature designated Local Nature Reserve, 'a place with special interest locally, which gives people special opportunities to study, learn or just simply enjoy nature'.   It is managed by the Development Centre, Countryside Management Service (CMS) and the Parish Council. HertsOutdoors also played a significant role in the creation of the LNR we see today.