A nature reserve existing in the heart of Wheathampstead was opened officially on Thursday 4th July 2002.

The 17-acre/6.89 hectare  site, near Wheathampstead Development Centre, off Butterfield Road, includes neutral unimproved and species diverse grassland, a chalk bank, scrub, secondary woodland and ancient hedges..

The rare to Hertfordshire Grass Vetchling flower grows here. This is a pinkish-red flower of the pea family, with a long delicate stalk. The area is good also for many other plants, providing food for a large variety of insects and birds. The rare micro-moth Commophilia aeneana breeds here and good populations of butterflies such as the Small Heath, and birds such as Linnet, Goldfinch, Whitethroat and Yellowhammer can be seen.

The reserve provides a valuable education resource for the village, and is open all year round to local residents.